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Do you know what you are actually paying for when you receive your water bill? Afraid your business water isn’t being used or disposed of efficiently? Don’t know how to use less?

Our Specialist Water Consultants can help you squeeze efficiency from every last drop.

We take a unique approach to your business’s water use, focusing on all four types of water and understanding how your site works to provide a bespoke water management plan. Analysing your use of clean water, waste water, drainage and trade effluent then allows us to give you a point by point breakdown of where you’re spending money.

At amber, we believe that everyone should know where their money is being spent.

Once we know this information, we’re able to provide you with solutions for each type of water on each site. This approach allows us to deliver up to 20% savings on the cost of water.

It's time to pull the plug on overpaying for your business' water...

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  • W1.0 Essential Water Management

    Everyone has to start somewhere and if you’re looking to maximise the efficiency of your business’s water use then this is as good a place as any.

    Our essential water management solution provides what is often the first look at how you use water in your business. Due to the relatively low unit price, many companies don’t see that they can benefit from savings made in this avenue, but that’s simply not true.

    By carrying out a thorough audit of your sites, we are able to identify potential savings across the four areas of water: use, drainage, waste and trade effluent.

  • W2.0 Strategic Water Managment

    Our strategic water management option goes beyond our essential water plan to deliver an advanced, tactical solution to your company’s water requirements. We take an in-depth look at your existing sites and evaluate the current state of play across all four areas of water to gain a full understanding of how you use water.

    This solution is for any company who already consider their water use and are looking to take their water efficiency further with a strategic plan. Through Automatic Meter Reading upgrades, we’re able to take a much more proactive approach to your water use.

  • W3.0 Advanced Water

    Our water experts have years of experience in the water industry and have seen and helped to solve a wide variety of issues across several industries. Chances are we’ve dealt with problems like yours before, and if we haven’t then we have the creativity and knowledge to be able to solve it.

    The Advanced Water package includes both our Essential Water {link} and Strategic Water {Link} solutions as well as providing an in-depth, solutions-led strategy to deal with all four areas of your business’s water.

    This option provides a full scope of work, looking at the context and problems faced to propose solutions.

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Don't settle for less than expert water consulting

Changing business water supplier is a good start, and you may well get some savings from it, but why stop there?

Our complete water management plan offers savings, improves efficiency and processes too. Other benefits of our water consulting include:

  • Savings – reduce variable costs in every aspect of your business
  • Pre-monitoring and base checks – to get the best understanding of your business us
  • Consideration of all business water suppliers – to find the best rates
  • Dedicated water consultants – offering proactive management of your sites to measure and support performance
  • Looking at the bigger picture – we carry out an on-site survey with each new premise
  • Cost saving from the start – our water utility management is involved with our new utility connections process to prevent extra costs

Smart Water Meters: The Game Changer

Smart meters, by their very name, are pretty damn clever. They can give one-minute or half-hourly data that allows us to understand usage, pinpoint areas of waste, spot leaks and be able to identify potential opportunities. That’s why we look to install them for every customer we work with.

The data that can be gleaned from smart meters is worth its weight in gold. It gives us almost instant access to understanding your business’s water use, giving clear examples of your baseline and volume. This then lets us make effective changes as quickly as possible in order to maximise returns for your company.


Start saving on water costs

Consider water as the final frontier in utility savings. By implementing an in-depth water management plan, we can help you smash your goals and objectives. Whether you just want us to act on an advisory capacity, provide costed options or deliver the project from start to finish, talk to us today.

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