Does your energy management suit your business requirements?

At amber energy, we offer bespoke and made-to-measure solutions that are designed around you, looking at all aspects of your business, understanding your requirements and goals, and keeping you informed throughout the entire process.

Our solutions are designed to optimise your performance, lower your costs, reduce your carbon footprint and make dealing with utilities that little bit easier for you.

This process doesn’t just identify issues, it can provide the foundations on which an advanced energy management strategy can be developed.

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Great news, we’re offering these tailoring sessions for FREE!*

We used to sell these sessions for £4,500 and even then it was great value! These sessions are packed full of information gathering, energy requirement scoping and are led by industry experts to find solutions that are perfectly designed for your needs.

Essentially, once complete this session is worth it’s weight in gold.

Which is why we’re giving it away for free, as it makes it a lot easier for us to absolutely smash our job and there’s less of a barrier for you by removing the cost for it. We believe that this approach is better for everyone really.

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*Terms and conditions for our free energy tailoring session.

This bit can be boring, so we’ll make it simple. This offer is open to all UK businesses who spend £250,000 or more on their energy every year. If you spend less than this then we can definitely talk to you about your requirements, but due to the level of insight provided this is likely to be overkill for your needs.

Our energy sessions consist of three parts:

  1. A questionaire for you to complete

  2. Research by our experts

  3. A meeting between you and amber energy to discuss findings

We can arrange for this meeting to take place either at your offices, or you are welcome to come to our HQ in Cardiff.