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From local rugby clubs to large international cricket clubs, we work with venues of all sizes to deliver bespoke leisure and sport utility management. Since 2009, we’ve worked and partnered with over 350 sporting venues delivering up to 39%  energy saving.

You need an energy partner who understands the challenges that your venue faces. Someone with a proven track record of delivering within the sector. A utilities management consultant who can innovate and analyse to help drive down the cost of your energy.

Funny, that sounds exactly like amber energy®! See what we did there?


When it comes to reducing the cost of energy, amber is the team you want to be on.


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Getting the best commercial deals

If your venue is an ice arena, football stadium, rugby club, man-made surf lagoon or a cricket club, you name it, we’ve dealt with it.

Have something we haven’t seen before? Not a problem, we’ve got skills to pay the bills – and to reduce yours too.

Not only can we help you reduce your energy consumption, we’re also here to maximise your revenue by procuring commercial deals for your stadium with a competitive energy cost.We’ve helped to inject hundreds of thousands of pounds in sponsorship monies into grounds since 2012, choosing partners that are best suited for the overall objectives, brand and requirements of the stadium. Not only that, by acting transparently we’ve helped to prevent stadiums from entering into contracts which would have cost them a fortune in hidden fees by arming them with the right questions to ask their broker.


Why choose us as your official energy partner? 

Sure, you could hire an in-house energy manager, but why pay more when you could have a team of 50 experts working for you all year around for less than the cost of a single salary? If that’s not incentive enough, we’ve found that we offer an average saving of between 12% and 39% when compared to in-house management. That’s not something to be sniffed at.

We aim to build a partnership style of relationship with you. Ask us as many questions as you can, test us, challenge us and watch us deliver.

Besides the fact that we have a proven track record in the industry, here’s what we offer:

  • Meet your energy objectives
  • Provide you with a tailored and detailed scoping of work
  • Ongoing support throughout the length of the contract
  • Negotiate the best rates on naming rights and energy partners
  • We don’t take a cut of any sponsorship deals
  • Clear and transparent reporting on the work we carry out
  • A team of industry experts at your disposal
  • 1st class relationships with suppliers
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“We use amber energy as our energy consultant and are delighted with the levels of service that they provide and are more than happy to recommend them!”

Senior Development Managers, KSHL


Take a tailored approach to your energy

At amber, we strip everything back and look at your entire site in order to provide you with a bespoke energy solution. Whether you're looking for award-winning procurement or want to implement energy efficiency measures, we can help. 

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