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Energy Use Management

Understanding energy consumption with energy data

Getting good energy data in a way that helps you understand exactly how, why, when and where you use energy can assist with the 'why?'. To solve the why you really need to be an engineer and/or an expert on the way in which your site is run (often both are needed).

Understanding energy consumption and what technology to invest in to reduce your energy use and save money requires constant monitoring and expertise on-hand. It's not just avoiding the days where something is left on but squeezing out any wasted energy use so you are confident you have a lean profitable business.

Our in-house energy services team can; take you on a journey from having no-data to being data available 24/7 (with online access or on a touch screen), from having little understanding of the shape of your energy consumption to the de-construction of your energy profile and rebuilding of an optimal set-up and having very little in the way of a planned approach to energy reduction measures to a 5-year investment plan with life cycle costs.

Investment Grade Audits Investment Grade Audits

Need to know how to start saving energy within your building. It’s important to flesh out exactly what you are looking to achieve… whether you need a quick investigation or an investment grade audit we’ve references for just about every project.

Experienced in-house engineers Experienced in-house engineers

The work we complete is all done in-house. If you want us to look at a new piece of “tech” we will do our own workings alongside those from the equipment provider. You can trust it’s coming from an engineering team with experience and know-how.

Qualified to advise Qualified to advise

If it's a complex and unique manufacturing-process, we may decline work & in doing so find a partner who can support your project. Our engineers are proud to only accept work when qualified to advise.

Impartial Recommendations Impartial Recommendations

We’re not driven by fees from technology partners as we work on behalf of our clients and not our suppliers. Our drive is for quality and in finding a solution that works for you.

New & Existing Site Profiling New & Existing Site Profiling

Building a new site or keen to understand whether your site is performing how it should? Our engineers can produce a site profile for both scenarios. Essential when ordering the right equipment and capacity from the local network.

Online Data Analysis Access 24/7 Online Data Analysis Access 24/7

Think google news filters for energy? Essentially our data analysis system provides analysis to you in a way you format. If you want energy per item produced or compared to another metric you can create it readily and easily and access it 24/7.


We've achieved some significant results using amber energy's demand response and we look forward to working with them and their smart initiatives for the future.