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Energy Source Management

Considering alternative energy sources

Challenge where your energy comes from in its entirety by installing on site generation or challenge where it comes from at different times of the day and/or the year. We want to help you find the right energy sources for your business. Renewables, Demand Response Contracts, TRIAD response & energy storage all happen here...

A business with 100% reliance for energy from the grid is fully exposed to the energy markets; even if you are on a fixed priced energy contract it won't last forever & in fact the new contract that you will consider at some point in the future is already changing and evolving as the market does the same.

Source is all about skewing your energy use away from traditional reliance from the grid and looking into non-traditional energy options. This could be in considering the possibility of renewable energy sources, in contracting with the national grid to respond to alerts (that pay you to do so), or utilising new ways to store energy. Good data is key to making a project work which is why projects considering energy source normally come in to play in new site design and concept or after squeezing down your energy consumption.

Turn-Key Projects Turn-Key Projects

We appreciate snippets of information can be useful if you’re an experienced engineer and energy manager. However, this area of energy is particularly complex so our solution is built to be turn-key when you need it.

Renewable Energy Configuration Renewable Energy Configuration

It’s true that when building renewable energy into your site, the time of day you use this energy and/or export it really makes a different. We can configure your site to take advantage of the different import and export prices.

Off-Grid Solutions Off-Grid Solutions

Traditional supply of energy (from a local grid) has often been of lower cost to on site generation. This isn’t always the case & certainly isn’t true 100% of the time. We model non-traditional energy and off grid solutions to take advantage of price spreads.

Power Purchase Agreements Power Purchase Agreements

Before you start producing energy at your site it’s key to achieve the highest bid to buy this energy; it’s essentially an energy contract flipped on its head (where you are the supplier). Optimise your PPA’s using our extensive tender network.

Demand Response Demand Response

It’s a 2-sided coin; as it’s both cost avoidance and income generation. Essentially, we provide the alerts for peak charging points, we tender for the right export partners & assist you in installing demand response kit and contracts into your business.

New technology New technology

We are constantly on the look-out for new technology for our clients. We act to collate data on new technology from a number of sources so you can avoid the “duds” in the market place.

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