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Inspire Stakeholders

Making a difference with energy inspiration

Inspiring your building users, your visitors, or your stakeholders to reduce energy consumption, even in an efficient building can make a sizeable difference; we've seen 12% reductions in the most efficient student accommodation buildings using our Student Energy Project for example.

We've inspired lots of demographics to lower energy consumption or to do something positive for the environment over the last decade. Our reach has been in the 100's of thousands and our impact reaches as far as families in Africa. We know how to answer the question "what's in it for me" & how to join up the dots between an action and seeing a result - it's critical if you are going to get anybody on board with your energy project.

We are never short of energy saving ideas. Our current live energy inspiration or ‘Inspire’ projects include Energy Relief & The Student Energy Project & our innovative team are developing further projects all the time. Visit one of our project sites, join the energy revolution with Energy Relief or get in contact for us to build a project for you today.

Power Africa Power Africa

Support families in Africa with solar panels you can see online on google maps or perhaps build and grow your own community power supply as you send more panels to your sponsored community.

Not-for-profit Not-for-profit

Tap into our not-for-profit and partner with us to build a project that inspires your building users to use less energy. Consider the idea of turning a light off to turn a light on somewhere else. There is no hidden agenda.

CSR supercharger CSR supercharger

From student training or delivery, key brands providing rewards for using less energy, powering Africa & using technology to visualise the impacts in house. It’s just an example. Let’s supercharge your CSR.

PR Opportunities PR Opportunities

When your using energy to challenge the norm in your sector it’s not only something to be proud of or something to celebrate internally but something to shout from the rooftops. We can help you win industry awards and achieve positive PR.

Staff Switching Days Staff Switching Days

A simple initiative & staff benefit. We’ve delivered individual savings of £1,200 to individual staff members. Each time someone switches (& ideally saves money) they get to gift circa £40 to a company elected charity or community project they choose.

In house delivery In house delivery

We can come to you and develop and deliver the campaign. Our Student Project works with over 15,000 students a year and we can provide you with all the resources or you can completely outsource your campaign to us.

Ask 4

We heard about amber energy as they had worked with a number of our clients and realised significant savings for them. Smart buying, tax reclaims, new government initiatives, BREEAM improvement, consumer education etc are how they can help deliver savings, depending on your current set up. They are good, smart guys who know their stuff.