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Innovate In Design And Technology

Innovative energy solutions for your business

Our "Innovate" offering has come about as our teams found themselves trying to push innovation in energy and what we do for our clients a little further.

New technology is always coming to the table and we realised businesses are looking for any opportunity to squeeze their operational costs & likewise achieve their sustainability aims. That’s where innovative energy solutions come in.

Innovate is all about using innovative energy projects to push your business to the next stages in a truly bespoke way (you pick the project and we run it). At this stage, you've normally run round our model (or have completed it over a number of years of experienced energy management). You are a compliant, efficient business, buying energy in an optimised manner with good data, inspired building users & traditional renewable energy considered & installed or fully reviewed.

When we tackle innovation in energy, we could be doing anything. From developing industry blueprints to transform industry energy bills, forming collective buying groups, considering innovative measures for delivering power to isolated supply points or those without capacity, adding cutting edge technology into our building modelling, considering the future spark-spread of energy to determine the future or considering new markets such as water.

Industry Blueprints Industry Blueprints

Blueprints come from gathering data from industry benchmarks, live buildings & sometimes those in construction; utilising the performance data we are able to create a best-way-to-build & operate the building.

Collective Buying Groups Collective Buying Groups

Buying energy on your own and interested in reducing the price you pay whilst maintaining a high level of service? Collective buying groups focus on driving down supplier margins, & opening the door to products & services that otherwise wouldn't exist.

Water Supply & Issues Water Supply & Issues

The 2017 opening up of the water market in England has increased the awareness of the water opportunity and provided an opportunity to drive down water costs across your portfolio. We've moved into Water as an innovative solution just as we did with energy.

Isolated Supply Points & Grid Adoption Projects Isolated Supply Points & Grid Adoption Projects

Getting a grid connection when you're a long way from the network or in highly populated parts of the grid can be extremely expensive. Our team can work with you to determine new connections that are affordable and suitably sized to your needs.

International Projects International Projects

From Poland to Japan we've visited and worked on a number of International Projects. Our industry specific skills lend themselves to supporting cross-border projects in the same domain.

Long Term Price Forecasting Long Term Price Forecasting

Sometimes used when valuing a business & certainly key to your future profitability. We research the market place (if overseas) alongside live traded data to give you a forward forecast of the market and up to 5-years of energy budgets.


We've achieved some significant results using amber energy's demand response and we look forward to working with them and their smart initiatives for the future.