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Energy Cost Management

Helping you find low cost energy solutions

We tackle energy contracts & their administration, meter installation & new infrastructure projects to ensure you are getting the best energy rates.

Perhaps the most complex is how you buy your energy each year? It's a critical part of the path to a lower energy bill.

Simply speaking, our job is to find the cheapest energy supplier (that is most suitable) to buy your energy from on the lowest cost day/point in the market. We can do this for full portfolio's, new sites or individual sites.

We consider buying energy on a fixed basis (where you secure your fixed contract rates in advance of the contract start date), a similar type of set-up where you buy your energy in more than one tranche & more flexible arrangements.

It's essential to buy right and to regularly check your energy costs against a budget. You can outsource this to us and just receive a simple email to update you once per month.

Energy Cost Management Energy Cost Management

Energy bills can be a nuisance to manage and inaccuracy's & metering problems can mean large un-accrued debt. We work closely with your accounts payable or finance team to ensure bills are correct, timely and where issues exist we accrue for it properly.

Market Tracking Market Tracking

Our team utilise live trading screens to track intra-day movements whilst our in-house developed software can provide you a view of your own contract on a daily basis. Use our alerts and set a ceiling price to protect your future budget.

Budget Certainty Budget Certainty

Elect a fixed priced energy deal contract with everything included or use flexible purchasing with stop-losses in place. If budget certainty for periods as long as 5 years.

Risk Management Outsource Risk Management Outsource

Full outsource with a bespoke set-up. Our traders will deliver activity based around your preferred set-up. Determine your risk appetite or de-risk with an upper budget cap.

Reduced Margins Reduced Margins

You can join one of our baskets or buying groups to achieve the lowest supplier margins. As a result of the larger volumes you can take advantage of economies of scale and a lower management fee from the energy supplier.

Budget Management Budget Management

A year ahead or a picture of your costs for the next 5 years of use? It's useful to see where your energy costs are heading. It's also useful to get an update of actual costs vs budget each month in to your inbox.

Swalec Stadium

We approached amber energy to review the energy requirements for the stadium. I was impressed immediately by amber energy’s personable and energetic approach. They are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to energy and in a short space of time they’ve taken strides forward in improving our approach to energy usage. I look forward to continuing our working relationship, moving forward.