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At amber energy, we deliver award-winning energy management solutions designed to ensure best practice, reduce costs and improve efficiencies. We’ve made our services as simple to understand as our bill – giving you complete transparency on what we’re delivering and the results you can expect.

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 Pick Your Energy Management Package


We’ve grouped our services to offer the best level of energy management for companies of all sizes. So, whether you’re looking to just get the basics right or if you want experts to manage, plan and deliver an energy strategy for your entire portfolio, we can help.


If you’re not sure which of our packages is right for you then we’d be happy to have a free, no obligation chat about your needs.

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Energy Solutions Breakdown


At amber energy, all our services are delivered by our in-house team led by experts in their field. Most of these services are included in our packages, although some - like utility connection and energy engagement projects are add-on products.

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Bill Checking

Validating your utility bills and chasing errors to resolution



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Data Analytics 

Monitoring your energy use to improve efficiency

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Energy Efficiency

Engineering projects designed to reduce consumption

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Energy Procurement

Buying energy from the right supplier at the right time

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Risk Management

Detailed energy buying strategies based on your needs

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Engagement Projects

Boost your CSR and engage users in reducing consumption



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Utility Connections

New meters, feasibility studies, disconnections and diversions

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Water Services

Water efficiency strategies designed around you


Actions Speak Louder Than Words


We could bang on all day about how amazing our service is, but why not just see for yourself? We've got plenty of case studies available, with heaps of positive customer testimonails. Take a look for yourself!

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