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No need to keep shopping around for the best energy deals



At amber not only can we help you to get a great price on commercial energy for your retail store but we can utilise our complete energy management solution to help reduce overheads and improve efficiencies.

We can help to give you a competitive advantage, working with you to keep your energy in check and plan your energy budget whether you have a single store or thousands.

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We understand all aspects of Retail energy use

Working with some big names in the retail industry, we have a wealth of experience when it comes to energy procurement for retail and introducing efficiency measures across all types of stores and warehouses. There are huge opportunities to help reduce the energy cost in retail premises and we can help you to identify and implement these measures.

Our award-winning energy procurement team can help you to take advantage of the best retail business energy deals, adjusting our offering based on your consumption, number of sites and appetite for risk.

We don’t believe in a one-size fits all energy solution for retailers, which is why we carefully align our offering to perfectly match your needs. The services we offer are outlined below to give you an idea of the different ways we can help your business.


Our Solutions

Our complete energy management solutions can cover all your public sector energy requirements, offering single solutions or combining our offerings dependent on your requirements. 

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Procurement & Risk Management

Our award-winning Procurement & Risk Management team work with you to achieve the best unit rate on energy to perfectly suit your needs as a retailer. 

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Our team will make sure that you only ever receive accurate energy bills and keep as close to their budget as possible, our bureau experts analyse and validate bills with utter scrutiny. 

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Energy Efficiency & Engineering

Experts in energy reduction and efficiency innovations, our team of engineers have a single goal – to achieve the lowest energy use in new and existing building groups. 

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Utility Connections

New utility connections, disconnections, feasibilities studies, the list goes on! Our team of experts covers all aspects of utility infrastructure with no project too big or small. 

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Through our expertise across the water services and our thorough understanding of the four types of water, we strive for the lowest achievable water bill for our clients. 

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amber has a number of innovative projects, the one that is most of interest to retailers is our staff engagement project. Using behaviour changes to lower consumption.


Why use amber?

Knowing who you’re working with is important, as is understanding what you’re getting out of the deal.

At amber we operate with complete transparency, telling you exactly how much we’re charging you, what our services deliver and how they’re performing.

Our award-winning teams will be working across your account to deliver the very best results for your business.

We’re fiercely independent, meaning that we’ll look at everyone in the market in order to get you the very best energy supplier for your retail business.

Ready to see what we can do for you? 

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