We deliver award-winning energy engagement projects


One of the hardest parts of reducing your energy use is engaging those people who use it the most. We have a wealth of experience in doing just that!

Through our in-house projects arm, we can inspire your building users, your visitors and your stakeholders to reduce their energy consumption. This is especially useful in buildings that are already efficient as it’s the last step on the ladder to achieve the lowest use.

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Energy Relief


A simple domestic and SME switching platform that compares prices across the entire market to provide the best rates on your energy. When you successfully switch, the money typically given to the switching engine goes to your selected charity instead - effectively donating £20 or £40 to charity at absolutely no cost to you.



The Student Energy Project


We work with students in rented accommodation to encourage them to reduce their energy use by providing them with rewards for low consumption. Working across over 20,000 student beds, we are currently providing our existing Student Energy Project clients with an average saving of 10% on heat and energy.





We decided to flip charity work on its head, paying for running costs through corporate memberships so that all donations to Power2Africa can be spent entirely in Africa, delivering clean energy projects to rural communities. We believe that power is just the beginning, once electricity is in place the possibilities are endless.

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Making a real difference through energy engagement

In 2017 alone, 9.2 million Brits changed their gas or electricity supplier – imagine if just 15% of these had switched a single fuel through Energy Relief. At £20 per fuel that could have been over £250,000 donated to charity at no cost to the individual switching!

The potential here is phenomenal and the good it could do is endless. Did you know that there are hundreds of millions of people living in Africa still don’t have access to electricity? Power2Africa is our project that aims to help change this, delivering projects that provide local communities with electricity and access to WiFi.

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