Our FlexSolo Procurement Package


If you use at least 10GWh of electricity or gas then our FlexSolo packages might just be exactly what you’re looking for. Our FlexSolo offering is a completely bespoke, risk managed solution that has no defined parameters – we trade in a way to perfectly suit your needs and requirements.

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How the FlexSolo package works

In true amber style, we like to work collaboratively with you to produce trading strategies and energy targets that exactly meet your requirements. We work with you to find out which approach suits your company the best, carrying out a full scope of work to identify opportunity, use, risk appetite and solutions.

This product allows us to build a completely bespoke risk managed solution that's tailored to you. There are no defined parameters, allowing us to be as flexible with your energy procurement as required. 


Tailoring options on this package:

  • How far into the future you buy your energy

  • Which trading strategy you deploy

  • When you wish to lock out your remaining volume

  • How you manage your non-commodity costs

  • How much extra support you need

Choose FlexSolo for:

  • Determining how much risk you want to take

  • Taking advantage of market volatility and trends

  • Being able to trade out your remaining costs at any point

  • Providing transparency on your market position

  • Finding savings opportunities on your non-commodity costs

Things to be aware of:

  • Commodity savings cannot always be guaranteed

  • Achieving a price below the trading cap cannot be guaranteed

  • Budget certainty can never be guaranteed

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