Our FlexCore Procurement Package


FlexCore is a good option for high budget certainty, good levels of flexibility and the transparency that we pride ourselves on at amber energy®. This package is designed for businesses who use at least 1GWh of gas or electricity, optimising your purchasing performance through grouped purchasing.

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How our FlexCore package works

By buying your energy as part of a larger purchasing bucket, this allows us to optimise your energy performance with greater purchasing power. Putting a framework like this in place, we will trade in line with our Protect100 trading strategy over a period of time set by you.

Protect100 is a risk averse strategy which aims to deliver a high level of budget certainty as we purchase energy prior to the live date which acts as a guaranteed fund.

Like all our procurement packages, we’ll take care of all the heavy lifting, keeping you in the loop with an indicative cap price prior to the live date and provid guidance around an upper cost cap.


Tailoring options on this package

  • How far into the future to buy your energy
  • How changeable your energy usage is
  • How you manage non-commodity costs
  • Fixed non-commodity costs – unlimited volume tolerance
  • Pass through non-commodity costs +/- 20% annual volume tolerance
  • How much extra support you need

Who is FlexCore for?

  • Anyone looking for a medium/high level of budget certainty
  • Driving commodity costs lower via hedge purchasing
  • Taking advantage of market volatility and trends
  • Unit rate consistency in energy invoices
  • Finding savings opportunity in non-commodity costs

Things to be aware of

  • Commodity savings cannot always be guaranteed
  • Achieving a price below the trading cap cannot be guaranteed
  • Budget certainty can never be guaranteed

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