If budget certainty is your primary objective, then FixTracker is the product for you. This option provides the highest level of budget certainty and allows you to quickly enter the market and secure a fixed price point.

Our FixTracker Procurement Package

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How our FixTracker package works

When you select the FixTracker product, we work with you to set an upper market cap and identify a clear market target. We then aim to purchase your energy at the lowest point within the time period, giving you the best rates on the wholesale cost of energy at that time.

This option can offer 100% budget security within the defined volume tolerance parameters that we agree upon in the contract. There may be an opportunity for further savings by passing through the non-commodity part of the bill.

Our team of procurement and trading experts{link to experts} will analyse market intelligence, using industry leading tools, in order to provide clear recommendations on the best time to purchase energy. You will then have the final say on when to secure the contract.


Tailoring options on this package

  • How far into the future you buy your energy

  • Your indicative upper cap level and target levels

  • When you wish to secure the contract

  • How to manage your non-commodity costs

  • How much extra support you require

Who is the FixTracker for?

  • Businesses who want a high level of budget certainty

  • Avoiding price hikes during the contract term

  • Having unit rate consistency in energy invoices

  • Finding saving opportunities non-commodity costs

Things to be aware of

  • High levels of budget certainty often come at a premium

  • You can’t take advantage of falling energy prices once locked in

  • Less transparency in the build-up of cost

  • Due to the nature of the product it’s both high and low risk

  • This is a low reward product if trying to achieve lowest cost possible

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