Award Winning Energy Procurement and Risk Management


Our energy procurement team deliver a range of fixed and flexible trading strategies to suit your volume, appetite for risk and requirement for budget certainty.

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Energy Procurement to match your needs

We understand that every business is different, that’s why we cater for your specific requirements. Before we do anything, we always have a chat to decide on which procurement strategy is right for you.

Our service is designed to take you on an energy journey.

From our initial consultation, we’ll uncover your goals and objectives and provide the advice and guidance to put a strategy in place that offers exactly what you need.

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Why use amber for utility trading?


Not only do we have an award-winning team of energy procurement experts who can help to reduce the wholesale cost of your energy, but we lead the industry in our clear, transparent reporting.

If you want a taste of how detailed our analysis is, sign up to our free energy market reports which will be delivered straight to your inbox every month.

Energy procurement historically has a bad rep due to cowboy brokers looking to make a quick buck. But we operate transparently and maintain an open and honest relationship with our clients rather than hiding behind complex jargon and ridiculous reports.


Find the procurement strategy that's right for you

With amber, it’s not just about achieving the lowest cost on the energy you’re using right now. We aim to develop long-term strategies that give you a competitive edge, keeping you at the top of your game.

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