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Award winning Energy Procurement & Risk Management

At amber energy® we offer a range of energy procurement products to perfectly match your business’ needs with the highest level of service guaranteed.

Our energy procurement packages are detailed below: 

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  • P1.0 FixTracker™

    If budget certainty is your primary objective, then FixTracker is the product for you. This option provides the highest level of budget certainty and allows you to quickly enter the market and secure a fixed price point.

  • P2.0 FlexCore™

    FlexCore is a good option for high budget certainty, good levels of flexibility and the transparency that we pride ourselves on at amber. This package is designed for businesses who use at least 1GWh of gas or electricity, optimising your purchasing performance through grouped purchasing.

  • P3.0 FlexTech™

    FlexTech delivers individually tailored risk managed solutions and collective purchasing for energy users who consume at least 3GWh of gas or electricity. This package offers a strong level of flexibility in accordance with the client's appetite for risk and can be used to optimise cost or provide budget certainty.

  • P4.0 FlexSolo™

    If you use at least 10GWh of electricity or gas then our FlexSolo packages might just be exactly what you're looking for. Our FlexSolo offering is a completely bespoke, risk managed solution that has no defined parameters - we trade in a way to perfectly suit your needs and requirements.

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Choosing the right procurement strategy for your business

We understand that every business is different and as such we cater for different requirements from volume of energy to your appetite for risk. If you’re not sure which procurement strategy is right for you then talk to our experts about your needs.

What can amber offer you?

We’ll take you on an energy journey, from our initial consultation to service delivery and additional advice and guidance to help maintain your annual energy budget. This process includes:

  1. Energy Tailoring session to match our services to your business

  2. Bespoke business recommendations for procurement products

  3. In-depth analysis to achieve the best price on your wholesale cost of energy

  4. Award-winning team of experts on your account

  5. Easy to understand, transparent reporting

  6. High levels of customer service

  7. Highly accurate industry recommendations

  8. Help in maintaining your energy budget


"We heard about amber energy as they had worked with a number of our clients and realised significant savings for them. Smart buying, tax reclaims, new government initiatives, BREEAM improvement, consumer education etc are how they can help deliver savings, depending on your current set up. They are good, smart guys who know their stuff."

Jon Thornhill, Commerical Director @ Ask4


Why use amber for energy procurement?

Not only do we have an award-winning team of energy procurement experts who can help to reduce the wholesale cost of your energy, but we lead the industry in our clear, transparent reporting.

In fact, our reporting is so transparent that we have “testimonials” from competitors warning us about being that open.

Has that stopped us being transparent? Hell no! It only spurred us on further.

If you want a taste of how detailed our analysis is, sign up to our free energy market reports which will be delivered straight to your inbox every month. 

Wholesale energy procurement historically has a bad rep due largely to cowboy brokers looking to make a quick buck. By operating transparently, we may get in trouble if we get it wrong, but we’d much rather apologise and maintain an open and honest relationship with our clients than try to hide mistakes behind complex jargon and ridiculous reports.

Looking for small business energy or want a green energy consultant? We do that too!


Find the procurement strategy that's right for you

With amber, it’s not just about achieving the lowest cost on the energy you’re using right now. We aim to develop long-term, trusting relationships that give you a competitive edge and keeps you at the forefront of what the energy market is doing.

We can help you choose the perfect procurement package for your needs, looking at your volume, growth, seasonal trends and appetite for risk. To find out more simply fill out this form and we'll get back to you.

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