This is Nick, CEO, founder, philanthropist and gangster rapper. OK, so the last one only happens on occasion and isn’t exactly something he’ll be offering as a service!

Nick started amber energy® back in 2009, leaving a very nice job in banking to do so, with the aim of becoming the world’s best energy management consultancy. Dream big, right?

Nick Proctor
CEO & Founder


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His ethos was simple: "To provide solutions to the complex world of energy."

Being complicated and confusing is easy, making it digestible and easy to understand is hard, but that’s what Nick set up this company to do, every single day. Even people in the industry can struggle to keep up with the jargon, making it easy to hide shady activity through unclear communication.

Nick’s vision for amber was to be completely transparent, allowing businesses to work with us as if we’re another member of their team, just a phone call or an email away and always on hand.

Quickly Growing into the World’s Best Energy Management Company

Our initial motto was “Get sh*t done”.

We’ve grown up a little bit since then. Actually, we’ve up grown a lot!

In 2017 we were awarded as Cardiff’s fastest growing business and we’re still rapidly recruiting to help meet demand.

From the beginning, Nick insisted that amber would treat all its clients as though they are the CEOs of the company. This still holds true and the expansion of our staff allows us to maintain the high level of attention and care that can be expected from amber energy. Everyone we hire is not only an expert in their field, but someone who shares the same values and wants to be a part of our mission – this is something that Nick would argue is absolutely critical to amber’s success.


Giving back what you take out

As well as being the CEO and founder of amber energy, Nick has also set up a number of not-for-profit companies to help give back. Energy Relief and Power2Africa are two that are very close to his heart, combining energy and charity to deliver a change for good.

Nick’s also put his body on the line to raise money for charity, running the London Marathon, completing a half Ironman and cycling 1,500 miles – not all at the same time though!

And the rapping...

Well, you'll have to see our "about" page to find out more about that!

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