Thanks to a blustery start to June, the renewable energy industry has had its highest ever output as wind turbines and solar panels helped make up more than half of the UK's electricity demand.

It's seems that sun isn't just good for the soul, it's also good for solar panels, as the National Grid's data showed on lunchtime Wednesday 7th June that solar panels produced around 7.6GW of electricity while wind farms generated 9.5GW of power.

In addition, the UK also burnt 2GW of renewable waste wood and produced enough hydroelectricity to help squeeze traditional power plants off the system. 

'The record 19.3GW output of renewable energy was enough to meet more than 50pc of midday power demand which reached 35.4GW' said the Telegraph in their article which documented the events last Wednesday.    According to the National Gird, 'This was the first time that renewable energy and nuclear power have together produced more power than gas and coal plants combined.'

Nuclear power made up 23.2pc of the energy mix at midday, while gas-fired power plants were lowered to 20.8pc to make room for the surge in renewable power.

The unprecedented renewables boom caused market prices to fall into the red in the early hours of Wednesday the 7th and prompted National Grid to make payments to major energy users to use more power so that the grid wasn’t overwhelmed by supply.

This is the first summer in which National Grid will use the so-called ‘demand turn-up’ scheme to pay six successful businesses, who were selected through an auction, to use the grid’s excess supply rather than pay energy companies to stop generating and they also predict they'll be saving domestic consumers over £500,000 over the next few months.