Following Theresa May's decision to hold a snap election on June 8th, the Conservative party have confirmed that their manifesto will feature a policy on capping energy prices. Damien Green the secretary for the department of work and pensions recently told ITV that people 'feel the Energy companies have taken advantage of them' and confirmed that the caps will appear in the party's deceleration, due to be published next month.

Mrs May is hoping to appeal to 'ordinary' working families with new policies that capture the political middle ground and signalled last autumn during the Conservative party conference that she was prepared to intervene in dysfunctional markets.

"Where companies are exploiting the failures of the market in which they operate, where consumer choice in inhibited by deliberately complex pricing structures, we must set the market right". Said Mrs May. "It's just not right that two-thirds of energy customers are stuck on the most expensive tariffs" she added.

In 2015 former Labour leader Ed Miliband promised to freeze energy prices in the run up to last general election, which the conservatives called 'shocking' and panned the idea as a return to 1970's style interventionism.

The PM will pledge to cap bills for the two-thirds of households that are on standard duel fuel variable tariffs and the Conservatives believe families could save more than £100 a year.

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