The budget announcement from George Osborne on 16th March, his 8th, confirmed that the CRC would be abolished. It will run until 30th March 2019 and collect it's final revenues in 2019 before being wrapped into a 'single tax' with the CCL from 1st April 2019. It means from 1st April 2019 the CCL rate will increase considerably. There is a lot of support for it to double since it's revenue was very similar to that of the current CCL's (£900m for CRC and £800m for CCL).

Other energy related announcements confirmed funding available to develop the current electricity market reform project delivery. Critics say few footsteps were made towards the zero carbon economy promised in France at COP21 and that the energy bill in 2019 could be unsustainable unless private investment rallies into renewable energy and battery storage.