Back in 2010 Prime Minister David Cameron declared that he would lead the "greenest government ever."

The "greening government commitments" (GGCs) were targets for reducing the environmental effect of its estates and operations over the lifetime of the previous parliament.

The latest report compares four years of performance until March 2015 and what each department contributed to the Government's environmental footprint.

It reported a 22% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from buildings and travel. Whilst this is a good figure, it does miss the initial target set of a 25% reduction. A large proportion of this reduction can be attributed to the Ministry of Defence which saw a 19% reduction.

However, as always with statistics you can look at the reduction from another angle and suddenly a £164 million saving through reduced energy usage sounds a lot better.

The report added: ?Greening the government?s estate and operations remains a priority for the 2015-2020 government. Departments are expected to continue their efforts under the original GGC framework during 2015-16, closing the gap where targets were missed and striving for continued improvement where they were met. The government is currently considering future Greening Government arrangements.?

The Prime Minister will be questioned on climate policies later today.