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Tori Wheeler

Head of Project Services

As Head of Project Services, Tori is the one who organises everything related to The Student Energy Project, Energy Relief and Power2Africa. Anything you need for these services, Tori is the one that you want to be talking to. As a qualified project manager with 7 years’ experience, her organisation and problem-solving skills are second to none, which is a good thing considering the complexity of some of the projects that we deal with.

The core of Tori’s experience revolved around providing an enhanced customer service experience with a decade’s worth of experience focusing on students in particular.


Meet the projects team

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Alyson Price

Alyson is the Data and Liaison Officer for TSEP, supporting the service delivery to the accommodation stakeholders within the sites that TSEP operates in. Her role sees her taking the experience she had as a student to supporting Jake and Max with the partner strategy to enhance the overall student journey.  

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Huw Mitchell

Huw is an experienced corporate partnerships manager with a proven record of negotiating partnerships, winning clients and building strong relationships in the sponsorship, sports hospitality and events industries. His role at amber is to nurture our relationships with our clients, particularly within The Student Energy Project, and developing new and creative partnerships with third party organisations who add to and benefit from our exciting and creative approach to helping students, universities and accommodation providers to save energy, money and the environment.