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Mark Corne

Head of Energy Procurement

Mark isn’t just the 2nd person to join amber, he’s our Head of Energy Procurement with years of experience under his belt and a thorough understanding of the energy market. While he won’t say it himself, it’s Mark’s dedication, hard work and energy expertise has really put amber where we are today – an award winning energy solutions company.

The procurement team he leads was named “Energy Buying Team of the Year” at the 2016 Energy Awards. Mark ensures that everyone in this team is operating at their very best, delivering energy management and strategy that amber is renowned for.


Meet the procurement & trading team

Alex Sharples 2.jpg

Alex Sharples

Alex is an experienced Energy Procurement Analyst and is absolutely committed to providing an exceptional service to our clients. Thanks to his diverse skill set across data settlements and energy procurement, Alex has a great track record when it comes to showing a reduction in client costs and improving internal processes.

Jack Pierce.jpg

Jack Pierce 

Jack is the secret weapon of our trading desk as the Energy Markets Analyst, tracking everything that’s going on across the industry in full analytical detail. What he lacks in experience he makes up for in raw talent and his ability to learn, coming to us fresh from University and quickly impressing everyone with his work. 

Michael Winterton.jpg

Michael Winterton

Mike is our Senior Procurement and Risk Manager, taking care of a wide range of our clients’ trading and risk strategies. During his time at amber, he has helped to revolutionise our trading desk with critical models, strategies and optimising our energy purchasing.


Joao Pinto 2.jpg

Joao Pinto

As our Energy Procurement Analyst, it’s Joao’s job to drive opportunities through the procurement process as fast and accurately as humanly possible. This means that Joao knows the ins and outs of pretty much every energy supplier’s products and has figured out exactly how to apply them in order to meet the needs of our clients.

Barry Dibble.jpg

Barry Dibble

Barry is our Energy Procurement Manager with 10 years experience in the Industry, specialising in procurement, risk management and markets. Overseeing the Procurement team, Barry brings innovative procurement solutions designed to meet each client’s needs. He also looks after our supplier partnerships, building strong and positive relationships with energy suppliers to further support our clients.

Charlotte Beard.jpg

Charlotte Beard

Our Client Onboarding Manager, Charlotte is responsible for ensuring the transfer of your utility supplier is seamless. With previous roles in Service Delivery and Account Management, Charlotte is ITIL certified and process driven which helps to ensure she delivers a reliable and efficient service to our customers.

Maxim Flynn.jpg

Maxim Flynn

Maxim is a Trading Administrator, joining us straight out of school and shows a real aptitude on the trading desk. His ability and passion for learning is prevalent in his work, where he’s rapidly learning the role and earning some vital work experience.


Francesca Marsh

As our Energy Procurement Co-ordinator, Francesca works to make sure that everything within the team is running as smoothly as possible. Joining us straight out of university, Francesca has a Bachelor’s of Science in Environmental Studies and will soon be graduating from Cardiff University with a Master’s of Business Administration.