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Paul McCorquodale

Chief Operating Officer

Paul brings a wealth of experience to amber, helping to refine our operations to deliver the most efficient and effective service to our clients. Working closely with each area of the business, Paul works hard to iron out any kinks and ensure that every member of the team knows how they’re contributing to the bigger picture.

With our customers at the heart of everything we do, Paul makes sure that each department is delivering the most effective service possible to maximise our customer’s results.


Meet the operations team

Alison Howard.jpg

Alison Howard

As our Employee Success Director, Alison makes sure that everyone at amber is looked after - bringing in some amazing perks and ensuring that everyone is positive about their job and career path. Having a thorough understanding of every aspect of the business, Alison helps to ensure that each department is delivering an excellent service to our clients and that everyone gets all the training they need to keep up with changes in the industry.

Edita Bruzaityte.jpg

Edita Bruzaityte

Edita is our new Portfolio Manager who recently graduated from Cardiff University with Master of Business Administration (MBA). She has over six years’ experience in customer service working across range of F&B and hospitality businesses in Ireland and the UK. More recently working in financial services working for prominent Middle Eastern investor’s family office in London.

Richard Williams.jpg

Richard Williams

As our Salesforce Implementation Manager, Richard is crucial for putting systems in place to ensure that our processes work to the best of their ability. With a decade of experience behind him, Rich is great at developing systems and processes to improve customer experiences, with a strong focus on increasing efficiency and sparking engagement. 

Thomas Jefford.jpeg

Thomas Jefford

Tom has several years of Salesforce experience with a Salesforce ISV Partner, implementing and configuring Salesforce solutions across varying sectors including local and central government, finance and insurance he has seeing first-hand the benefits that Salesforce brings to organisations.