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Ian Beynon

Head of Energy Reduction and Engineering

As Head of Energy Reduction and Engineering, Ian leads his team of expert engineers in strategically defining and implementing our offerings to ensure our clients receive the very best service. As a Chartered Energy Manager and Fellow of the Energy Institute with over a decade of experience in the energy industry, Ian is well-versed in demand-side energy data analytics and energy solutions development across a huge scope of industries and sectors. Ian is also an ESOS Lead Assessor, ISO50001 Energy Management Systems Lead Auditor and Certified Measurement and Verification Professional (CMVP).

Ian heads up the Energy Reduction and Engineering team at amber energy, using his wealth of experience from both consultancy and facilities management energy services delivery to deliver a first-class service to our clients. He has extensive experience in the energy industry and prides himself on his team bringing together a sensible mix of common ‘no-brainer’ energy solutions with innovative approaches and technologies from all sectors to deliver real and verified results.


Meet the engineering team

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Jonathan Thompson

Jon is our Head of Data Analytics, bringing his industry experience and great data analysis skills to the fray. As a certified Energy Manager and ESOS Lead Assessor, Jon is passionate about improving energy efficiency and delivering a top-class service to our clients. By constantly striving to deliver the best savings to clients, Jon is always on the lookout for new efficiency measures and improved practices to help customers reduce consumption.

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Pilar De Dios Mendo

As an expert Energy Manager, Pilar has a highly successful background in the creation and execution of profitable energy saving projects. Her experience in this sector makes her the fountain of knowledge when it comes to metering and monitoring systems; bench-marking and targeting; energy saving technologies and ways to reduce a company’s energy consumption. In fact, Pilar is a member of the Energy Institute and has achieved a Level 3 Advanced Energy Manager qualification.

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Wil Hocking

Wil is our expert Partner Delivery Manager, providing our clients with bespoke solutions to help improve their energy efficiency. As a qualified Mechanical Engineer and multiple patent holder, Wil has a wealth of experience in designing, developing and delivering solutions. Turning his attention to energy management in 2018, Wil's already found innovative products and partnerships to aggressively drive reductions in energy consumption.

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Jake Avetoomyan

As our Energy Data Controller, Jake is responsible for scouring through your sites’ data to identify opportunities and ensure that efficiency measures are operating as anticipated.