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Sara Tun

Head of Connections and Infrastructure

Sara is our Head of Connections and Infrastructure, leading a team of experts to ensure that we’re delivering a world-class offering that not only meets, but exceeds the client’s expectations. With over 20 years’ experience in multi-utility infrastructure and connections, the team firmly believe they can confidently deliver any type of connections requirement.

Setting up the connections team with the ethos of “a quality build on time and on budget”, Sara and her team ensure that this is the very foundation of their work in order to deliver a more personal and professional service.


Meet the connections and infrastructure team

Anthony Corley.jpg

Anthony Corley

Anthony is one of our highly experienced Connections and Infrastructure Managers, with a wealth of experience in the world of residential and commercial multi-utility infrastructure and metering. Thanks to this in-depth knowledge, plenty of tricks of the trade and great communication skill, Anthony is able to ensure that all connections projects that pass through him are completed on time and on budget – keeping the client updated and happy throughout.

Dominic Osbourne.jpg

Dom Osbourne

Dom is our Business Development Manager with a keen focus on our connections team. Thanks to his huge experience across commercial and residential utilities, Dom knows the ins and outs of utility infrastructure and provides an innovative approach while providing value for his clients, making sure you get exactly the right service for your business. His ability to establish and build relationships through a fresh, energetic and proactive approach makes him a valuable member of the team.

Shumon Ali 2.jpg

Shumon Ali

Shumon is one of our Prince2 qualified, ILM certified, Connections and Infrastructure Managers. With more years of experience than he cares to remember, Shumon goes above and beyond to ensure that anything to do with utility connections is delivered on time and on budget. His calm and collected approach to connections, plus his extensive list of industry contacts and hard-earned industry knowledge, turn the jobs that everyone else hates into a pleasure. His jobs can range from infrastructure type all the way to a metering job.