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The PRS (Private Rented Sector) is growing at a pace. With demands from generation Y for swanky 'Hotel’ like stays rather than graduate bed-sits PRS looks to be an up-market beast. To complement these ’residential hotel blocks’ we’ve been developing our offering inline with our mission to provide lower energy costs to communities, to only charge individuals for what they use, to lower total consumption, and to take away the burden of arranging energy contracts at the tenant level. For office and prop-co's it's business as usual and a time of trying to consolidate energy buying and management across your wider portfolio - we can cover it all under 1 simple contract.

As one of the UK's leading players in purpose built student accommodation, working with over 100,000 student beds we've a lot of experience in the new build environment, the operational challenges of these buildings and how to handle energy. We've also developed our experience in the tenant landlord space so we can handle the transactional side of the business too.

It's important to realise that the set-up you choose could be to either;

  1. Pick up the bill for the whole site and to bill your tenants directly
  2. To outsource (1) and to only pick up the bill for the landlord areas
  3. To set-up the site so that each tenant can choose their own energy supplier and as such you, as the building owner, only takes responsibility for the communal areas.

Each route sit's somewhere different in a 'lowest cost, freedom of choice and management' trilemma that exists when trying to determine the demographic and brand you are aiming for.

The good news is that as long as you plan ahead you can set-up a new site in pretty much anyway you choose. This can be with:

  • Individual domestic meters for each tenant - to allow each tenant to choose their own energy supplier.
  • A single main commercial meter that allows you to set-up one simple energy contract for the building that takes advantage of economies of scale so you can offer a fully inclusive contract between you and your tenants.
  • A single main commercial meter with sub-meters linked up to a building energy management system or sending their data to you via a GPRS link or phone line so you can bill each individual tenant for the energy they use.

It's important to realise that in each of these routes the experience of your clients (the tenants) will be different and the overall energy budget for the site will differ.

Our role is to work with you to drive value for money, budget certainty and a smooth journey for your tenants. On occasion we are also invited to work on behalf of your tenants to strengthen your image as a landlord who helps tenants.

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Key Stats

£155,000 recovered for one client in energy overcharges

average savings compared to managing agents energy charges

cost avoidance in new building energy infrastructure costs

average saving for PRS tenants when buying energy together



  • "Energy’s the single largest cost... if the energy costs going spiralling out of control in that year then your net operating income drops significantly. Over the last 5 years Amber have been a fantastic partner. We worked with amber to determine the best way to generate heat within a building. You need to go to someone for all things energy and that’s what amber have provided for us” "
    COO, Three Sixty Developments Limited
  • "Amber Energy have helped me resolve a number of issues that their competitors struggled with."
    Director, Landtask LLP

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Amber Blueprint

We develop what we call a 'blue-print' for each industry we work with and this means running trials and getting under the skin of the sector we are working with so we can find the most appropriate solutions and act as a true partner to their business.

Each year we produce our latest blueprint for the Property Management & PRS sector. This contains useful benchmarking data and advice on how best to build and operate new stock. You can subscribe to this annual report for free by entering your details below.