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We continue to work with a diverse number of manufacturers; from crisps, to beer, to poultry, to 'Henry the vacuum cleaner' and now even film productions. The common denominator for our clients has been ‘to find an energy partner who can innovate, deliver results, and remain transparent and ethical in their approach’. Or as the energy manager at Numatic put’s it (Henry the Vacuum cleaner manufacturer).. A company willing to sell them ‘exactly what they need & just what they needed’.

With the electricity market reforming your costs of production per unit are exposed to price rises, developing a strategy around not only buying your energy at the optimum points during the year (using the right techniques) but also reducing consumption will be essential over the next decade.

Achieving lowest cost

We work with a number of UK manufacturers who need to purchase everything that they buy at lowest cost; there is a lot of pressure on British Manufacturing and this has been further heightened by the changing political landscape and uncertainty around exports alongside cost-push inflationary pressure for imports.

We want to do everything we can to support British Manufacturing and for us it doesn't matter what you are producing when it comes to energy the challenges are very much the same

You need to make the most of the site that you operate at and this means:

  • Extracting any subsidies and support for on-site generation
  • Creating operational efficiency along your production line
  • Switching away from fuels exposed to price increases and where possible using on site generation rather than importing from the grid
  • Considering ways not only to harvest energy but also to store energy as a key development over the next decade
  • Reducing waste and recycling heat and any other form of by-products where feasible and commercial to do so
  • Ramping up your CSR and where possible in an innovative manner

Alongside all of this you also need to continue running with solutions to energy that continue to robustly get results year-on-year and can be considered 'essentials' or at least essential parts of your energy management strategy

There are a few changes however to how you need to consider your contractual set-ups and we can assist in optimising your set-up with you. It's a practical 2-way dialogue about what you can actually 'nip and tuck' on site and where you can skew demand when it comes to designing the strategy.

Contact us today and we'll try to get along to your site/HQ to see how we can support your challenges and assist your business in achieving it's aims.

Key Stats

£2.2M +
of new infrastructure projects delivered

of savings delivered via fuel switching projects

saving via project scoping and delivery for 1 City of London client

correct TRIAD calls within alert service for 5 years 2012-2017

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With the electricity market reforming, your costs of production per unit are exposed to price rises. Developing a strategy around not only buying your energy at the optimum points during the year but also reducing consumption will be essential until the end of the decade.



  • "Henry is our best known product… it’s been in production for 30 years. Amber Energy where prepared to give me just what I wanted. Not charging me lots of money for things I didn’t need. A pick n mix. The one we choose was just what I wanted and it’s worked extremely really well. There’s enough hand holding for me to feel confident I’m doing the right thing for the company. Every conversation I’ve had right from the beginning has been a positive one. "
    Energy Manager, Numatic International
  • "Thanks again for your help with this. To be honest, your prices haven’t necessarily been the cheapest but we would really like to work with you as you have been so professional and you stand out significantly from your competitors."
    Financial Controller, Vista Retail Support
  • "I approached Amber Energy to review our electricity contract. They provided excellent, impartial advice on all of the contracts available in the market to enable us to make the best decision for our business. There approach to energy management is accurate and truly refreshing."
    Managing Director, Dr Print
  • "I worked with amber energy recently on a major project that had extremely tight deadlines and cost restraints. amber energy delivered on both the deadline and costs on the utilities side, making the whole project outcome a success to my client. One of the best utilities consultants I have ever met, with a great deal of knowledge, and attention to detail, I would whole heatedly recommend them."
    Head Project Engineer, Tyrrells Crisp Company

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Amber Blueprint

We develop what we call a 'blue-print' for each industry we work with and this means running trials and getting under the skin of the sector we are working with so we can find the most appropriate solutions and act as a true partner to their business.

Each year we produce our latest blueprint for the manufacturing sector. This contains useful benchmarking data and advice on how best to build and operate new manufacturing sites. You can subscribe to this annual report for free by entering your details below.