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Nobody likes spending more than they need to, and when it comes to energy use in hotels, restaurants and pubs there are lots of approaches that you can take to reduce your spend and maximise efficiency. Here’s a quick guide of issues to address:


We're better than Business Energy comparison sites

If you're looking to get the best energy deal on your small or medium sized business then we can help!

We're better than a comparison site which just compares the prices of energy on that day, instead we give you a full view that considers how the market is performing at that time.



The best energy rates Hospitality Businesses

As part of an award-winning energy procurement team, amber energy predicts the market to secure energy at the point in the market where the cost of energy is the lowest.

That’s when we'll be looking to buy, unlike comparison sites which just look at the day your existing energy contract is finishing or the day you run the automated search.

We'll tell you exactly when to buy, aiming to get your the cheapest business energy deal possible.

That’s how we operate. 


"The Energy partner SME's have been praying for."

Nick Proctor CEO @ amber energy®

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Gain a competitive advantage with lower energy costs. 

You only have to look at the testimonials from our clients to understand how much hassle and guess work we take out of finding the best business energy prices.

We’re more than just a simple business energy comparison site.

We’re a complete energy service.

At amber energy, we work with a wide range of businesses from large scale manufacturers to local, independent shops. Whether you're a large or small business, we can help you achieve the best price on your energy and deliver a fixed cost for a term of your choice.


We give your business energy deal a personal touch

Unlike business energy comparison sites, we don't simply run an automatic algorithm to check the day's pre-set prices.

That does mean we aren't instant, but we definitely aren't slow!

We run the data, crunch the numbers and get back to you with the best prices.

Before you make a decision, wait for our quote to come through - we guarantee that you won't be disappointed!

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