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Imagine if the service you received from your energy management consultants was as good as the service you provide to your clientele?

That’s exactly what we deliver at amber energy®, offering five-star customer experience and award-winning utility services. This approach leaves you to look after the business and not worry about energy running away from you.


Experts in Hotel, Bar and Restaurants Energy Management and Utilities


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We're raising the bar for what to expect from your energy consultants.

We have a unique approach to the bar and restaurant industry, marrying our expert knowledge of utilities with the insight of trusted industry gurus. If we work with similar sized businesses to yours, our team will carry out in-house analysis to provide a guideline to what you should be achieving.

By perfectly balancing technological efficiencies and ambience, we can ensure that your hotel, restaurant or bar has the look and feel you want, while being as energy efficient as possible.

We always consider how any efficiency solutions represent your brand, meet your objectives and if it can be realistically achieved within your timeline – providing alternative solutions wherever necessary.


 “The service amber energy provided us at Bone Daddies has been of an exceptional standard. Throughout the three meter installs they helped us with - all with tight deadlines - they acted swiftly, communicated clearly, and delivered our desired results. Never over promising, they were a safe pair of hands that provided comfort throughout each process. Always going the extra mile and clearly taking pride in what they do. Professional, informative and honest from start to finish.”

Paul Black, Head of Finance @ Bone Daddies


Don't just take us at face value

We've been working in and driving savings and efficiencies for the hospitality industry for years, developing long term, trusting relationships which flourish as they grow.

Look at the Loungers, when we first started working with them back in 2011 they had just 14 sites, now they boast over 100! We’re not saying that working with us was the reason for their success, but we definitely played our part in making it easier for them to grow.

By acting as a strategic energy partner we’ve been able to help them connect new utilities, procure their energy, validate bills across the entire portfolio and implement efficiency measures to reduce their consumption and, in turn, their energy bills.

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A team of experts at your fingertips. 

Years of experience in the hospitality industry has given us the knowledge and understanding you need to gain a competitive advantage with your energy management.

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