Renewable Energy for your business


Are you looking to get the best renewable energy deal for your business? At amber, we can help you get exactly that, allowing you to be good to the environment without costing the earth.

We can find the best renewable energy tariffs for both small and large businesses alike, helping to reduce your carbon footprint one kilowatt at a time!

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Expert green energy consultancy

Switching your business to green energy carries many benefits, especially for the environment, but it can come at a premium in terms of cost. At amber energy, we are able to strategically purchase renewable energy at the lowest rates to make this option accessible for all businesses.

Not only can we help your business run on 100% renewable energy, we can work with you to install renewable measures on your site and take advantage of renewable generation. We are an independent consultancy operating throughout the UK and Europe, helping companies to reduce their carbon footprint through enhanced energy efficiency and green energy procurement.

We provide green energy advice that’s perfectly tailored to your business, considering each individual site and looking at both your consumption and efficiencies. Our highly experienced team combines energy procurement experts with certified energy engineers to deliver renewable energy solutions that provide tangible results.


Benefits of green energy for business 

Before jumping into the world of renewable energy, it’s a good idea to understand what the benefits to your business are. Here’s a quick round up of the biggest benefits of using green energy in your business:

  • Reduce your carbon footprint - some companies are required by law to show that they’re actively tackling climate change by reducing their carbon output. Using 100% renewable power in your business is one of the easiest and fastest ways to comply.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility - showing that you care about the environment is important to many consumers and using green energy is a good way to have a positive impact.

  • Boost the UK’s renewable capacity - by purchasing renewable energy for your business, you’re increasing the demand for it in the UK which in turn will encourage greater development and bring the UK closer to becoming a low carbon country.

There are even more benefits to be had if you decide to install renewable generation on site, our Green Energy Consultants can find you the best Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) so that you can sell any excess energy that you generate to energy suppliers at the best rates. Alternatively, we may find that you would better benefit from battery storage systems to take your energy use out of peak hours.


Is renewable energy expensive for businesses?

There is a common misconception that renewable energy is far more expensive – a little like organic produce in the supermarket. However, this often isn’t the case. Over the years, the price of installing new renewable generation has come down, as too have the subsidies provided to them.

Combine this with our expert trading and procurement team and the cost of switching your business to renewables could be nothing at all. In fact, there is potential that you could save money against your previous energy deal.

There are also additional benefits of choosing renewable energy for your business, one of them being the boost to your “green credentials” that come as a result of your lower carbon footprint and commitment to the environment. Many companies have environmental targets that they strive to achieve and this is where amber energy can help you – by finding the very best renewable energy deal for your business. 

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Start your move to clean energy

At amber energy, our green energy consultants will take every aspect of your business into consideration and offer advice that’s completely tailored to you. We’re experts in renewable energy procurement and improving energy efficiency – two things that go hand in hand.

If you’re ready to make the move to green business energy then get in touch today.   

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