Why are water rates different across the UK?

If you have several sites around the UK then you may notice that you get different rates depending on where your site is located. This is because different water companies operate around the UK and their pricing varies – sometimes quite significantly. For example, someone using 10 m3/day in the South West could be expected to pay 250% more for their water than someone in London.

You could also be charged different rates by the same supplier depending on the size of your water meter and an estimate of the amount of rain water from your site that goes into the sewer. If your property doesn’t have a meter on it, then you’ll be billed based on the value of a property of a similar size and site.

Since April 2017, the water markets have opened up meaning that you’re no longer chained to a supplier dependant on your location. Want to find out more about how we can maximise your water savings? Talk to our water specialists today.

FAQJoe Hickman