What is a flexible energy purchasing basket?

At amber energy, we offer several different types of energy purchasing in order to best meet your business objectives and requirements. Several of our products are Flexible Energy Procurement solutions, designed to increase the level of flexibility you purchasing energy, allowing for improved optimisation of cost or budget certainty.

These products change depending on the size of your portfolio and your appetite for risk. For smaller portfolios we recommend trading in a purchasing basket in order to gain access to products and services that you may not be eligible on your own.

By trading in a “basket”, we combine your portfolio with some of our other customers so that the collective pool of sites and meters is larger and therefore more appealing to suppliers. In doing this, our team is then able to negotiate better rates for the entire basket than each customer may get individually.

Flexible Energy Management

amber energy fully manage the flexible energy purchasing basket, identifying the best supplier to place the basket with and tracking the market in order to secure the most competitive rates.  

Being named as the TPI of the Year 2018 at the Energy Awards, amber energy is well placed to manage your flexible energy purchasing requirements. With a wealth of experience carrying out complex purchasing decisions on behalf of our clients, we’re well placed to help you maximise your benefits from flexible energy purchasing.  

Find out more about our flexible energy purchasing here.

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