What is ESOS?

Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme or ESOS is a mandated government policy for large organisations, which requires the company to carry out a full energy audit and identify all potential savings.

The audit needs to be specifically in line with the information required for an ESOS assessment, looking into at least 90% of the business’ energy consumption. In order for it to be valid, the ESOS audit needs to be carried out by a registered and approved ESOS lead assessor.

What businesses qualify for ESOS?

The government has set a specific criterion for businesses who are required to participate in ESOS. You will need to have an ESOS audit if:

·      You employ 250 or more people

·      Your annual turnover is in excess of 50 million euro and your annual balance sheet total is in excess of 43 million euro.

You’ll also need to undertake an ESOS audit if your business is part of a corporate group in the UK which meets either of the above conditions. You can find out more about who qualifies for ESOS here.

What happens if you don’t comply with ESOS?

As we are currently in ESOS Phase 2 compliance requirements and the deadline for ESOS Phase 1 was December 2015, if you are still not compliant you could face fines of up to £50,000 with an additional £500 per day being added for every day of non-compliance for up to 80 days.

In addition to this, companies failing to meet these regulations will have their names and fines published, which could potentially damage your reputation.

How to comply with ESOS?

Complying with ESOS couldn’t be easier, simply let us know and we will arrange for an ESOS audit to be carried out at your sites.

Not only will this ensure that you comply with the standards, but we can then look to provide you with a framework that helps you meet the ISO50001 standards.

FAQJoe Hickman