What is a Letter of Authority or LoA?

Chances are, at some point in your business energy journey, you will have been asked to sign a Letter of Authority or LoA - but what exactly does this mean?

A LoA is an important bit of paper work that is required in order for a Third Party Intermediary (TPI) to purchase energy and talk to your current supplier on your behalf. Without an LoA, we won’t be able to do anything on your behalf, which can slow things down.

How we use Letters of Authority

Quite simply, we use the Letter of Authority as proof to energy suppliers to show that you have appointed us to find the best business energy rates for you. This means that we can go to every single energy supplier to find their best rates, select the best tariff and then carry out all the administrative tasks required off the back of this.

Essentially, we remove the hassle of comparing business energy to make it as straightforward as possible.

When do we send your LoA?

As soon as you request a quote from our SME team, we’ll send out an LoA via email - this will need to be signed and returned before we can do any work.

This Letter of Authority simply states that you have consented to allow amber energy to gather information, negotiate energy rates and terminate existing contracts on your behalf. We will always talk to you first before agreeing a contract, providing you not only the best rates but also a suitable supplier.

FAQJoe Hickman