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Improve your business's Energy Efficiency

We typically save 30% energy cost through solutions and data led energy engineering.

Our engineering services can be tailored to best suit your requirements, our services can be broken down into three separate packages which are detailed below:

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  • E1.0 Supportive Engineering Partner

    Our supportive package provides the fundamental solutions required to help monitor and track your energy use.

    From your data we can understand your energy use and consumption, set realistic targets and monitor to help avoid waste or inefficiency. Our team of experienced energy efficiency engineers can take this information and jump into action to make your business run as efficiently as possible.

    We offer full desktop-based support to help you understand where energy use is over-budget or if you face any other energy related problems. Part of our service also includes helping you to keep abreast of the changing landscape of energy and any possible requirements you’re mandated to achieve. 

  • E2.0 Projects Engineering Partner

    amber energy® offer investment grade audits to help you identify key areas for improvement, balancing capital expense against future savings and clearly identifying how long it’ll take to pay for itself.

    We factor in every aspect of your sites, from the lightbulbs to boilers, to identify as many potential savings as possible. There are a huge amount of efficiency measures that we can bring in, dependent on your business, including some ground-breaking innovations and exciting new technology.  

  • E3.0 Engineering Partner Plus

    Benefit from data-led and project-led efficiency measures with our Partner Plus solution, which offers a complete suite of energy engineering solutions for your business. By combining our projects and supportive approach, we are able to provide a 360˚ approach to your business.

    Not only does this involve strict monitoring of your usage, but we will visit your site to investigate every potential energy saving measure. We don’t just stop at the implementation of physical features either, we’ll also look at engaging with the end users to encourage a reduction in energy consumption.

    This is our most popular package with our existing clients, offering enhanced savings through a combined focus on implementation and monitoring of solutions.  

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How do we do this?

By looking at the bigger picture, identifying energy efficiency opportunities for your business and providing comprehensive energy engineering and efficiency measures that are aligned to the framework for ISO 50001. All of this we do exceptionally well, as our customers will attest to.

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Energy efficiency measured tailored to your objectives

We offer solutions-led and data-led energy savings, in a package that’s perfectly tailored to your company’s policy. Whatever you want to achieve, we can deliver. Your objectives guide our work.

On average, we save our customers between 18-40% of their total energy cost with our bespoke energy audits. Our team has experience working across a wide range of industries, being able to deliver energy savings consistently based on an in-depth energy audit of your sites.


"I worked with amber energy on a major project that had extremely tight deadlines and cost restraints. amber energy delivered on both the deadline and costs on the utilities side, making the whole project outcome a success to my client. One of the best utilities consultants I have ever met, with a great deal of knowledge, and attention to detail, I would whole heartedly recommend them."

Chris Scott, Finance Director @ Tyrrells Crisp Company

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Maximising business energy savings

Our technical energy services follow a proven four-step process to deliver maximum energy savings with a structured framework that is recognised by ISO 50001. Even if you’re not actively looking to achieve this standard, our format makes it easy to backdate and accredit if you decide to do it later.

How would you like to benefit from a 30% reduction in energy costs? Book your on-site energy audit with our expert energy engineers today. 

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