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Energy Market Reports

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Industry leading energy market analysis

The energy industry is in a constant state of flux, so staying abreast of what’s happening can be very tricky to do. That’s where our industry-leading reports come in!

Thanks to our in-house experts, some very sophisticated technology and countless hours of analysis, we can take the pain out of understanding the industry. Our energy market analysis reports deliver the changes, reasoning and our predictions with complete clarity, allowing you to make informed decisions on your business’s energy.


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At amber, we believe that everyone should understand their business energy and the state of the energy market. To help make this possible, we send out our monthly reports for free!

These energy market analysis reports give you an in-depth understanding of the changes in the energy market across the previous month. If you’d like this information on a more granular level on a daily or weekly basis then get in touch with us on the form.

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