Strategic Energy Management Consultancy


Are you finding it difficult to keep up with the challenges that the energy market throws?
We can help your business with your energy management requirements.

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Take your energy management seriously.

It’s a great way to reduce your energy costs in the face of a rising market, without having a negative impact on your operations.

At amber energy, we specialise in energy management, looking at everything from energy buying all the way through to user engagement and efficiency.

Our 360˚ approach to your company’s utility requirements ensures that everything is done right, first time. Our experts work closely with your team, looking at existing systems, analysing your data and delivering measures to reduce usage, prevent waste and lower your business’ carbon footprint.


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Award-winning energy experts


By focusing on every aspect of your business’ utilities we can most effectively manage your energy, looking at your purchasing strategy, helping you to connect new sites, monitoring your consumption and implementing efficiency measures.

Our in-house chartered energy managers and engineers prioritise your sites based on data analytics to provide efficiency measures that target waste and excess consumption to deliver cost-effective savings.

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Consultants through and through


Advice, support and guidance are integral to the way amber works

By getting to understand your business, the way you operate and diving into your data to understand your profile and usage we can offer you the very best strategic energy management.

If your energy spend is over £250,000 a year then we offer a free benchmarking report to help you more accurately compare yourselves to the competition and see where you are in regard to best practice.

We don’t know of any other energy management consultants who offer that!

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