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Don't abandon ship due to energy management piracy.

Your business energy doesn’t need to be expensive, it definitely shouldn’t be full of complicated contract terms and something really needs to be done about all the shark-like “brokers” who cold-call you five times a day.

At amber, we act as the shining beacon in an industry full of potential hazards. We can navigate you away from potentially harmful courses and make your utilities plain sailing again. We do this by acting in your interest, communicating openly and honestly and never doing anything that would potentially harm your business or wreck our reputation. 


We Fully Understand Your Business Energy Problems

We consider you to be precious cargo and we’ll do everything in our power to ensure that utilities are smooth sailing for your business. Not only will we help to guide you through this complex world full of jargon and obstacles you need to carefully avoid, but we’ll do it with your best interests at heart. At amber, we see every new client as a partnership and like to work with you to help achieve your business objectives and targets.

Not everyone acts like this. The industry is full of sharks. “Energy Brokers” who are just here to make quick cash and leave you once they have their money. Avoiding them can be tricky due to false accolades, large promises and appearances of being far too good to be true.  

We won’t name anyone here, we don’t work like that. 

What we will do is arm you with all the questions you need to be asking in order to make sure that you’re getting the most from your energy.


Still have questions about any energy issues that your business has come up against?

Find out how we can help you avoid energy hazards

We can talk you though every aspect of your business' utilities to make sure that you're not dealing with pirate energy brokers. We'll even give you the questions to ask in order to get the best value for your business. 

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