How does your business' energy use stack up?


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Expert energy advice, tailored to your business


 Generic, blanket advice isn’t how we work.

 We like to get into the nitty gritty of your business and deliver a report that offers real value to you.

Our energy benchmarking reports are no exception.

We put in the work to understand your business, how you operate, your consumption profile and then compare this to our wealth of utility market data - specifically around your industry - letting you know exactly where you stand.

And if that’s not enough, if your annual energy spend is more than £250k then we’ll provide this benchmarking report for free.

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What can you expect?


We’ll provide you with an industry leading data comparison of your business against your industry average. And our benchmarking goes even further than this, with an online questionnaire that helps deliver the best understanding of how your business works, allowing us to provide detailed advice in our Energy Strategy Success Indicator (ESSI) Report.

Your Benchmarking and ESSI Reports Include

> Comparison of your energy against your industry's average
> Scores for each aspect of your utility management
> Scores against best practice
> Highlighted areas of exposure
> Areas to improve

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