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We can save up to 25% power cost with our energy management service

Got your attention? Because that’s not just a headline figure, that’s something that we have already achieved with our existing data centre clients with an average saving of 18% through our procurement service alone.

Reduce downtime? ✅

Optimise baseload? ✅

Improve efficiency? ✅

Cut energy costs in your data centre? DOUBLE CHECK.

Interested? Yeah, we thought you might be. Book a call with our experts and we can provide tailored solutions based on your site and requirements. 

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Why optimise your Data Centre's energy?

Simple. Optimising your energy helps to reduce running costs while delivering a more reliable performance to provide a better level of service.

Due to the nature of data centres, they require a huge amount of energy to maintain a constant service. So really, it’s in your best interest to look for the cheapest wholesale price of electricity and take advantage of as many energy efficiency measures as possible.

Our tailored approach to data centre energy management takes an in-depth look at your set up. We’ll factor in any generation equipment you have, the capacity of your data centre, its occupancy and your business objectives to create a bespoke energy management plan for your business.


"Managing the cost and the supply is vital for how competitive we are as a business. We are not that experienced in buying large units of power. For me the relationship works really well because we have multiple points of contact to answer any questions. They come to see me. It’s not just about a power supply into the building. We rely on amber to get to know our business & to provide us with a commercial service that works really well for us."

Jo Sedley, Managing Director @ Sovereign Data Connect


Arrange a Data Centre energy audit

Ask us for a data centre energy audit and we’ll give you a comprehensive understanding of exactly what we can do for you. We’ll investigate ways to minimise your energy costs, improve your efficiency and reduce your exposure to the energy markets.

This audit will provide a strategic energy management plan for your data centre, putting the framework in place for you to meet your business’s performance objectives and reduce operating costs.

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