Data Analytics for Utilities


They say that knowledge is power and from what we’ve seen that absolutely rings true.

Our team of utility data analysts work with all the facts and figures from each of your sites to understand consumption patterns, waste areas and identify inefficiencies.

All from our Cardiff HQ!

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Big Data Analytics for your utilities

There’s a hell of a lot of information being provided from your utilities, thousands of half hourly meter reads, minute by minute relays of consumption, anomaly reporting and much, much more.

Our industry-leading analytical software helps our team of experts to breakdown and understand this data in near-real-time, helping you to achieve results as quickly as possible.

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 Properly utilise your
energy information

Taking your utility data can then act on this knowledge to deliver improved efficiencies at minimum to zero cost by working closely with your existing building management systems and making small changes to your operations.  

We always put your customers and staff first, aiming to create an ambient environment that does not detract from their interaction with your business, while actively working to improve your efficiencies and lower utility costs.

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