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Making new connections simple.


Remember your last utility infrastructure project?

How long did it take to push it through to completion?

How many emails, phone calls and conversations did you have about it?

Did it end up eating into huge chunks of your day?

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With amber energy, that project could have been easier…
Much easier.

We offer a fully managed utility service that covers every aspect of utilities, infrastructure and new connections. This means that we do it all, the phone calls, talking to every party involved and pushing the project through to completion.


Our work includes:

  • Feasibility studies

  • Utility budgets

  • Quote procurement

  • Site reports

  • New utility connections

  • Commercial meters

  • Diversions, disconnections & capacity upgrades

  • End to end project management


And we’re really good at it too! Our highly experienced infrastructure experts help our clients get results time and time again, delivering on time and on budget.

Ready to remove the hassle from your utilities?


About amber energy

We were founded in 2009 with a mission to provide a fair, honest and transparent approach to business energy. Along the way we’ve extended this offering, to include specific areas of the utility industry such as infrastructure and utility connections.


As a multi-award winning consultancy, we offer more than a single service – we’re a collaborative hub of industry experts who work together to improve your relationship with energy.


A few of our accreditations…