Business Energy Consultants With A Difference


If working with the best is important to you, then it may interest you to know that we were named as the Third Party Intermediary of the Year in the 2018 Energy Awards, with the judges citing our transparency, customer service and industry knowledge as things that made us the best energy consultancy.

We put you first. Helping your business to not only spend less on your energy, but also figure out ways to help reduce your consumption and work in a more sustainable way.

Each of your sites are considered, as is your consumption pattern. We don’t just find a cheap energy deal, we find the deal that’s right for you.


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Energy consulting, tailored to your business

Our service is tailored for each client, providing you with exactly what you need and nothing more. If we believe that we can save your business money with another one of our services, then we’ll tell you about it. 

We build relationships that work. Providing an exceptional service that’s aimed to meet your objectives – whether that’s reducing cost, minimising your carbon footprint or delivering innovative solutions to complex problems.

 There is no “one-size fits all” approach.

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We are an independent energy consultancy

We believe that you should expect more from your company’s energy consultants.  

Yes, we look at the whole-market in order to find the best price but that should come as standard, it’s the only way to be sure you really do have the best price on your energy.

But at amber, we go even further, aiming to actively understand your energy consumption and put forward an energy procurement strategy that perfectly suits your needs. We offer everything from energy efficiency audits through to green energy consulting, helping your business to achieve greater sustainability and reduce your carbon footprint.

This isn’t a slap and stick solution, it’s one that was made precisely for you. It’s something that has been thought about, measured, gauged and then implemented.


How are we different?

Saying you’re different is all well and good, but with so many energy brokers in the market, it’s important to understand what the differences are. At amber energy, we aim to stand out from the crowd by:

  • Taking an ethical approach to business

  • Tailoring our solutions to your needs

  • Being transparent with our fees

  • Using terminology that you can understand

  • Providing advice and guidance at every stage

We’ve won awards for doing just that, but largely we always aim to put our customers first. It may sound simple but it’s an approach that works, one that builds trusting relationships and, ultimately, provides a benefit to you.