Stop billing errors & unexplained energy charges


We can make sure that you never have to pay or deal with an inaccurate energy bill again, leaving you with more time to do the rest of your job, thanks to our complete utility bill management service.

Sounds good, right? Put the hard work on our dedicated account managers, who have an exceptionally high attention to detail and some very clever software, to effectively manage your energy and ensure that your bills are always accurate.

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  • B1.0 Invoice & Dispute

    Our energy bureau team have a wealth of experience and strict processes in place for invoice validation. Our expertise in this area can reduce the hassle, stress and time it takes you to go through your energy bills.

    We thoroughly check for meter or meter reading errors, clerical issues and contract changes or inaccuracies as well as ensuring that your business is properly set up for the time of day/ seasonal energy changes.

    The only thing more annoying than paying an incorrect bill is chasing the supplier to amend the invoice. With amber’s bureau team, you don’t have to worry about it as we’ll do it all.

    From finding the billing error through to chasing the supplier and getting the invoice amended before payment – or following up to ensure any overspend is reimbursed – amber has your best interests at heart.

  • B2.0 Bureau Enhanced

    In addition to our bill validation and dispute resolution service we can add on budget development, monthly consumption and cost reports, and annual capacity charge checks. This puts your finance team firmly in control when it comes to accurately managing budget and costs. It also means that we can quickly identify if an asset is using an excess amount of energy or if there are any performance gaps between assets or groups.

    Our team of experts are able to prevent excess costs and accurately manage budget, working with our award-winning procurement team to predict the market, analyse your usage, consider seasonal trends and time of use and looking at your annual capacity charge to make sure you’re only paying for what you need.

    We can provide you with budgets, geared towards your financial year, and report against it using your actual bills every month. Thanks to our industry expertise, we’re also able to benchmark your usage and cost to compare and contrast, making improvements where necessary to hit targets.

  • B3.0 Bureau Plus

    Exactly what it says on the tin, this service includes everything that you get from our enhanced bureau service, plus payment interfacing.

    Never pay an unchecked bill again.

    In a nutshell, our system talks to your accounts payable software and if we haven’t approved the bill then the money won’t be released. If there are inaccuracies then we’ll work with the supplier to set them right and ensure the invoice is for the correct amount. Once we’re happy with everything we’ll approve the invoice and your software will be told that it’s ok to release the funds.

    It really is as simple as that.

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Standing apart with our Energy Bureau Service

In true amber style, we aim to deliver the best energy bureau service available.

We do this by utilising industry-leading bill tracking software, following a defined internal process, working to a very high level, with regular second checking and quickly adapting to any changes that happen within the industry.

This process has already helped us save our clients millions of pounds due to billing errors.

Our internal process is ridiculously robust and if the checking doesn’t meet our own internal standards then it will be redone and amended until it passes. This is true of all our energy bureau services, whether that’s bill validation, industry checks, triad monthly charges, capacity or consumption analysis.

As part of the amber energy® team approach, our Bureau, Procurement and Engineering teams work closely together to ensure that you’re not just being billed correctly, but to investigate if there are any unusual spikes in your usage. We go out of the way to ensure that the only variable to consider is consumption.


"I worked with amber energy on a major project that had extremely tight deadlines and cost restraints. amber energy delivered on both the deadline and costs on the utilities side, making the whole project outcome a success to my client. One of the best utilities consultants I have ever met, with a great deal of knowledge, and attention to detail, I would whole heartedly recommend them."

Chris Scott, FInance Director @ Tyrrells Crips Company


Stop paying inaccurate energy bills

Tired of having errors on your energy bill? Let us help you with that.

We can remove this time and stress from you and make sure that you only ever pay wholly accurate bills and never spend more than you have to.

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