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Providing the Goldilocks solution for utilities in rented accommodation. 

Traditionally, there are three options available to this sector:

  1. Individual domestic meters for each resident – each resident can choose their own energy supplier and is only billed for what they use.

  2. Single main commercial meter to take advantage of economies of scale – typically residents have the cost of utilities included in their rent

  3. A single main commercial meter with sub-meters take advantage of economies of scale but ensure residents still pay for what they use – this provides the best of both worlds but requires an early decision to ensure the appropriate infrastructure is included in the building design. We call this approach COMM:UNITY

These bring with them the trilemma of low cost, freedom of choice and easy management. Deciding which energy option is just right can be a nightmare.

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Innovative private rented accommodation energy management solutions.

Finding the right solution to managing energy in the Private Rented Sector can be tricky, but at amber energy® we have years of experience in successfully handling this type of property. We can deliver the option that perfectly matches your requirements, giving you a fully-costed, strategic approach for your build to rent utilities.

Working with the privately rented sector and understanding your pain points, amber energy® has developed our own approach to managing energy in build to rent properties: COMM:UNITY

This is our own solution to a common problem, providing a low cost, easy management solution where the residents can look after their own energy use but maintaining a single supplier to the building.


“We use amber energy as our energy consultant and are delighted with the levels of service that they provide and are more than happy to recommend them!”

Senior Development Managers, KSHL


Tailoring the solution to your needs

We understand that our COMM:UNITY solution isn’t suitable for every privately rented building, so whatever your needs or requirements – talk to amber energy® for a bespoke approach to your energy management.

Through efficiency measures, energy procurement and bureau we’re able to help save you money and reduce unnecessary costs at every turn. Find out what we can do for you, book a meeting today.

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