Nick’s Ten Tips for Starting a Business

This month, amber energy turns 10 years old – a significant milestone and one that everyone at amber has worked hard for, especially our CEO and Founder, Nick Proctor.

To celebrate hitting a decade, Nick’s put together a list of ten top tips for starting a business:

1. Launch early.

If you have an idea, then act on it as soon as you can. If you keep waiting till everything is perfect, then you’ll never get started. You’re supposed to be embarrassed by your first prototype! If you aren’t then you probably left it too late.

2. Get Shit Done

I’ve found that starting a business means you work from 5am to 9pm, doing whatever it takes to get the business over the line. If you aren’t able to put the work in, you won’t reap the rewards.

3. You’ve not failed until you quit

Don’t ever give up! Shit happens, things go wrong, things change and not everything is in your control. Stay on the road you planned to achieve the vision that gets you out of bed every morning.

4. Capture what success looks like

Put together a scrap book with images of everything you are doing each year is something that Nick’s found works for it. Add to it each year and turn to it when you’re losing the fight or motivation is low.  

5. Make your annual goals public

Even if that’s just sharing them on the office fridge so your team know what the target, going public should turn unsuccessful resolutions into achieved goals.

6. Listen to others, but also to yourself

Advice from other people is great, but never underestimate yourself. You have more knowledge of your situation, from all angles, than anyone else - trust yourself.

7. Read

There are so many great books and audiobooks out there, created to pass on knowledge and help you achieve your goals. Don’t forget to take full advantage of the ease in which you can access leaders’ advice and experience.

8. Plan.

 Probably something that you don’t need to be told, but plan your year, quarter, month, week, day. Not only will you have better direction for your tasks, but you’re far more likely to hit deadlines and budgets.  

9. Celebrate along the way

Whether that’s your first sale, your first year, a new employee, an office move or ten years in business, every milestone needs to be celebrated no matter how big or small it is.

10. Get to know yourself

Starting a business will teach you a lot about your personality, how you deal with situations, how to manage you and how you achieve your best performance. Take the time to learn about you, don’t just focus on your boosters and drainers, but see how you handle conflict and manage stress.

Anything to add?

We’re always interested in hearing about other companies’ success, so if you’ve got any points that you’d like to add please let us know on Twitter or LinkedIn.


About the Author

Nick Proctor is the CEO and Founder of amber energy, starting the company in 2009. Ten years later, Nick is still driving continuous success across the business, which won TPI of the Year in the 2018 Energy Awards.

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