How little carbon can you use travelling from Cardiff to Cannes?

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That’s the challenge that Community Utilities’ Directors, Dan Clegg and Tim Stephens, have set themselves when travelling to premier real estate event, MIPIM, in Cannes from their Cardiff HQ on 12th March.

 Community Utilities is a business built upon increasing sustainability in the build-to-rent sector, putting more onus on the residents and building managers to take an active stance against excess consumption. This challenge is designed to show the impact that can be gained simply by changing your way of thinking.

In order to highlight how much difference certain decisions can make, the MIPIM attendees from Community Utilities are planning to go head to head with those from amber energy in a clean vs dirty approach.

Team Clean vs Team Carbon

In an event similar to a “Top Gear” type race, Community Utilities and amber energy are planning to take two very different approaches.

amber energy’s team - Team Carbon - will travel to MIPIM as they typically would, using planes and taxis, they’ll drink export beer and eat steak. Frankly, they won’t consider the impact of their carbon footprint, but everything they do will be logged.

Community Utilities a.k.a. Team Clean, will do the opposite; catching trains, riding bikes and eating and drinking organic, local produce wherever they can. Their aim is to see just how low they can keep their carbon footprint while still doing all the same things as Team Clean.

As they attend the event, their carbon will be calculated and compared with the results being finalised and announced once they’ve completed the return leg.

Why pick this challenge?

Both amber energy and Community Utilities have a strong focus on sustainability, working to actively reduce their client’s carbon footprint. This is done through a number of different methods and is always tailored to the client’s requirements and objectives.

Nick Proctor, CEO and Founder of amber energy says, “The world is changing and our approach to carbon pollution needs to change with it. This challenge is designed to show that being carbon conscious doesn’t need to have a dramatic impact on your everyday lives, small changes can have a huge impact. While many people feel that they don’t have a significant impact on climate change, hopefully this challenge will highlight the gap between what we can easily do and what we’re currently doing.”

Tim Stephens, Community Utilities Director, added, “One of the main principles behind Community Utilities is sustainability, we want to offer a service that delivers a benefit to the environment as well as to our customers. That’s why we always look to offer renewable energy and frequently provide our customers with information on how they could reduce their consumption and their carbon footprint.”

You can follow their journey on social media using the hashtag #CarbonNeutralCannes