Solving Energy Problems in the Privately Rented Sector



As the build to rent market increases, along with the number of new privately rented buildings being developed, there are several problems that developers face when it comes to managing their utilities.

Historically, there have been two main approaches towards utilities in this sector:

  1. Give complete control of utilities to the residents
  2. Include the cost of energy bills in their rent

This has been problematic for a couple of reasons. If you choose to give control of the utilities to residents it means that they won’t benefit from the lower price of commercial energy and the building owner won’t have control over who their suppliers are. Alternatively, including the cost of utilities in the price of rent means that residents are slapped with estimated bills and can’t reduce use to lower their energy bills, it can also make the cost of rent appear higher than average.


Our Solution: COMM:UNITY Energy

We wanted to come up with something that answered this problem, providing the best of both worlds for tenants and building managers. This is why we created COMM:UNITY .

Our platform uses a single meter point to allow the whole building to buy energy in bulk, offering a much lower cost than the domestic market while using sub-meters to ensure that residents only pay for the energy they use.


More than just collective buying

The innovation didn’t stop here, we wanted a solution that was more robust and with more perks than just collective buying.

That’s why COMM:UNITY offers full bill management to give residents and property managers complete transparency over the energy that’s being used. We implement smart meters to provide accurate billing while removing the time and hassle associated with providing meter readings to the supplier. In addition to this, there’s also a profit share scheme where the profit that would otherwise be extracted by the energy supplier is either given back to the tenants or donated to a good cause.

As the building’s energy is managed and strategically purchased, there is no longer a requirement to update domestic contracts every year to avoid falling into the high-cost standard variable rate tariff that most suppliers charge.



Are you in the process of developing privately rented accommodation? We can help you every step of the way, from setting up the building with the correct type of meters through to procuring energy at the cheapest point of the year and helping engage tenants in ways to reduce their energy consumption.

We’ve recently launched our new website, giving you the option to sign up for regular updates, information and find out more about what we’re doing. Find out more at or get in touch with us on 02920 007 629 or


Dan Clegg