Six Quick Wins for Energy Saving in Student Accommodation



I know why you clicked through to this post, an energy management company giving away trade secrets that could actually help you, surely this is too good to be true! You would be right, but these aren’t secrets, they’re quick wins – things that make an immediate impact with very little investment.

Some of them, admittedly, are common sense but it’s amazing to see that a lot of student accommodation don’t implement them as standard. Here are just a few things that you can do to make an immediate impact.


Number 1: Make it easy to save energy

While this could be seen as a statement of student behaviour, it isn’t. Making it difficult to save electricity means that you won’t save anywhere near as much as you could. We’ve seen everything from centrally control radiators which can’t be adjusted by room through to lighting in communal areas that never gets switched off.

Actually, forget we said easy, it just needs to be possible to save energy first and then focus on it being easy after.


Number 2: Educate students on energy consumption

Most students have never had to pay for their energy before. They may not understand that trying to use an iron to warm up a room is highly inefficient and an extreme waste of energy. Providing some education, however light or brief, on energy consumption could go a long way in reducing the amount of energy being used by your students.


Number 3: Host an energy saving week

What’s an energy saving week? This is where we do a bit of shameless self-promotion. An energy saving week is one of our Student Energy Project’s initiatives to engage students with their energy use and be encouraged to save energy. By actively approaching and starting conversations with students in this way, we’ve helped to encourage long-term changes in the way students use their energy.


Number 4: Reward students for low use

More about what amber energy® do? Well honestly, what did you really expect? The Student Energy Project was created to do exactly this, providing positive reinforcement for low energy use. By rewarding in this way we’ve managed to provide an average of 10% energy savings through heat and power – that’s just through end-user engagement!


Number 5: Introduce efficiency measures

Depending on the measures you’re thinking of and how quickly they can be implemented, this may not strictly be considered a ‘quick win’ but they can make an immediate impact. Things like ensuring your buildings are well insulated, installing smart thermostats, utilising LED lighting and investing in low-consumption appliances can all have a very significant impact without having to modify the building itself.


Number 6: Look at how you buy your energy

The energy market is in a constant state of flux – we say that a lot because it’s true. Getting experts in to look at your energy use and strategically purchase energy, manage your budget and achieve the lowest cost on the wholesale price of energy is key to success. There are so many opportunities here that it really pays to invest in energy management.

With years of experience working with a large number of student accommodation providers, we can help you to reduce your energy consumption and get the best price on the wholesale cost of energy.

Sound like something you’d be interested in? Of course it is, give us a call!


Joe Hickman