Product Review: Eaga ShowerSaver

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The Eaga ShowerSmart was a free project run by Water Wise as part of a government scheme to help homes save energy. The device is said to prevent the unnecessary waste of water from your shower, but without that all-important loss of comfort.

The Eaga ShowerSmart has been designed to create a constant flow of 7.7 litres of water per minute, which gives an even jet of water and results in less fluctuation in the water flow. 

Further to that, the water temperature remains at a constant because of sudden changes in water pressure have a much smaller influence on the temperature.

According to The Building Research Establishment for a 2-person household, the Eaga ShowerSmart will typically save more than 12,000 litres of water per year which is roughly around £20 on water, where metered. A typical 4-person household will look to save around £30 on water per year, which is around £900 over the products lifetime.

Our Managing Director Nick has been testing this device out over the past few months and has been very impressed. His other half hasn't even noticed a change and he has had no complaints. For Nick, that's as good enough endorsement as he will give anything. He added there had been no change in the water flow so the fact that it's saving them a lot of money and it was free is amazing.

The device is very simple to use and, after a check to see if you will benefit from the Eaga ShowerSmart, it just takes is three steps.

Note: You will only benefit from the Eaga ShowerSmart if you currently have an inefficient shower. You are provided with a measuring bag to find out if your shower is inefficient and the results of this test determine whether you install the device. You are to run the shower for 5 seconds after placing the head inside the bag, turn it off quickly and observe the water level against the line on the bag. If the water level is above the measuring line then you have an inefficient shower and you will benefit from the Eaga ShowerSmart.

To install the device you simply unscrew your shower hose at the tap, then insert the red washer that is provided and finally screw in the ShowerSmart. I?ll add in here that they advise leaking on the first few uses is normal whilst the fibres expand.

There are other similar devices on the market such as the Croydex Water Saving Shower Adapter, however this isn?t free and does have slightly different specs to the ShowerSmart. In terms of our clients there is a limited number that could benefit from such devices. The biggest limitation is that the ShowerSmart can?t be used on electric showers, which the majority of households and businesses that require showers now have.


WaterJoe Hickman